Øivind Isaksen, Oslo - Norway

Øivind Isaksen

"In the spring of 2007 we decided that we should explore the opportunities to purchase a holiday home in Cyprus. We were guided around by several developers and their agents mainly in the Paphos region. Cyprus Living gave us very professional advice and we ended up buying a villa in Latchi close to Polis, which we never regretted.

Cyprus Living recommended a very good Cyprus lawyer who has taken well care of all legal matters related to purchasing agreement, the Land Department as well as establishing local bank facilities.

In any building process there will be discussions about quality, concepts and progress and it would have been a great challenge to deal with such issues sitting in Norway, far away from Latchi. Cyprus Living have been extremely objective and supported our views in those very few cases when difference of opinion did arise between the developer and ourselves.

We would highly recommend Cyprus Living due to very good knowledge of Cyprus, excellent follow up and service, high ethical standards, and not least due to the simple fact that they are very pleasant to know and deal with.

PS: We spent Christmas 2009 in Latchi with sunshine and 20 degrees swimming in the sea. - Why do people go to Spain?"

Øivind Isaksen, Oslo - Norway

Villa in Latchi – outside Polis